Take a Bite

July 15, 2019

You see the ads all over the dining halls, but what is the Bite app?

The dining hall menus change every meal, every day. There are some things you can count on, such as the sandwich bar, salad bars, and pizza, but everything else varies. It is helpful to be able to plan ahead, but it’s hard when the menu varies so greatly.

Say you’re going out Friday night to get burgers. When deciding to get lunch, you don’t want to get stuck eating at Southside when they’re serving burgers that day. This is where the Bite app comes in. Just open up the app and browse the menus for Southside, Ike’s or the Globe to know what’s being served where! Available on iOS and Android, this app is always up-to-date with what’s on the menu. It even updates if something has run out earlier than planned.

Are you watching out for the Freshman (Sophomore, Junior, and Senior) fifteen? The Bite app also has all of the nutritional information needed to stay on track and even connects to your fitbit!

If you aren’t convinced yet, this app will come in handy especially for those with dietary restrictions. By applying a filter, you can see everything you can eat in the dining hall and nothing you can’t. You can check the Mindful stations everywhere and have a choice as opposed to just showing up and hoping for the best. The vegetarian alternative may be more to your taste at Ike’s instead of Southside and you will know ahead of time that those cookies are peanut butter and not sugar.

Download the app: for IOS or Google Play. The unique code for Mason is u8sn3.