What Do You Crave ?

July 15, 2019

Be sure to attend these events and get the most out of your meal plan.

Latin Seafood, Mexican, Steakhouse, Italian, Wicked Wings. What are all of these events, and why should you attend? Every couple of weeks, Mason Dining hosts a special “elite” event in Ike’s or Southside. These events typically only cost $5 to $8 in addition to a meal plan swipe, which can be paid with bonus funds, mason money, and freedom funds. in addition to cash and credit.

You may be thinking, why should I pay extra just to eat? The additional cost pays for more than just the food. Rather than just a meal, these events give students an experience. Students were wowed by a magician during the Southside Steakhouse, and during Latin Seafood, students were entertained by a Latin DJ. Mason Dining’s elite events bring excitement to what would be a normal meal.

Now let’s talk about what the events are really about: food. Each theme brings a new dish, curated by the chefs at Southside and Ike’s. Crave Italian brought you baked raviolis and shrimp pasta while Steak Night served, well, steak. Not only are the menus extravagant, you get a full course meal, with large portions and fantastic flavors! We use our semester-ly dining surveys to learn what type of cuisine craving and create events around that. For example, in the spring 2018 semester, the most votes for “What types of cuisine are you interested in seeing more of?” went to Mexican and Italian. This is how we decided on the Crave Mexican and Crave Italian events. Seriously, guys, check it out!

So next time you see us set up in the JC for the surveys, be sure to let us know what you’re interested in! We take your comments to heart and try our best to give you the best dining experience!

Our next elite event is Stone Steakhouse. Join us for delicious food and a good time on February 6th from 5-8PM at Southside!