George Mason University Ranked #8 in Top Allergy-Friendly Colleges

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FAIRFAX, VA       

George Mason University is proud to announce that it has been ranked #8 in Spokin's Top 100 Allergy Friendly Colleges
Additionally, George Mason University was the first Spokin Verified College, setting a new standard for food allergy and celiac safety in higher education campus dining.  Spokin is the leading mobile app and platform dedicated to helping individuals with food allergies and celiac find safe food options.  
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Spokin’s mission is to connect the food allergy and celiac communities with safe places, products, and each other. The app has over 90,000 reviews from users in 130 countries, including reviews for a number of colleges and universities across the country.  
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In response to the unique needs of college students with food allergies and celiac, Spokin is launching the Verified College Program. The program provides current and prospective college students with answers to their most commonly asked questions in the form of a Spokin proprietary FAQ asked of all Verified Colleges. Questions include: “Where are ingredients and allergen information available to students?”, and “Do you offer stations free of any allergens?”, to create a more informed dining experience for students and free up valuable university resources. The app is a place for students to share their experiences in the form of reviews that can help prospective students during the selection process. 
As the first verified college location, George Mason University will serve as a leader in the field of higher education for people with food allergies and celiac, an ever-increasing population. 
To experience the power of Spokin, download the FREE Spokin iOS App. The university invites its community to contribute by sharing reviews of their experiences with George Mason University on the Spokin app. 
For more information about George Mason University's Spokin Verified status, please contact:  
Sofya Vetrova 
Marketing Director, Sodexo  
About George Mason University
George Mason University: George Mason University, located in Fairfax, Virginia, is a leading public research university known for its commitment to innovation, academic excellence, and inclusivity. 
About Spokin
Spokin is the largest food allergy and celiac app, with a global presence encompassing over 90,000 reviews in 130 countries. The platform connects individuals with food allergies and celiac to safe food options, trusted places, and a supportive community.  
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Susie Hultquist
CEO, Spokin