Mason Dining is committed to continuing addressing food insecurity on campus. With college students facing more financial burdens than ever before, Sodexo recognizes that food insecurity is a primary symptom. To mitigate this burden, we continue to aid students through; meal swipe donations, Coins4Change program and monetary donations. Through our partnerships with community campus organizations like the Student and Advocacy Center (SSAC) and their subsection, Patriot Pantry, we can reach students directly impacted by food insecurity.  By engaging and empowering Patriots to combat community disparities, we hope to equip students to be lifelong change-makers.  

If you are a student in need, please contact Student Support and Advocacy Center (SSAC)  

Every purchase at a retail food location provides an opportunity to donate toward food security on campus. Coins4Change is an ongoing campaign to collect monetary donations funneled toward the Student Support and Advocacy Center. As a resource for students living on and off campus, they provide invaluable support by collecting resources like non-perishable foods and personal hygiene products for those in need. At the end of the fall semester of 2022, Mason Dining collected close to $1,080 through Coins4Change! With no end in sight, we are increasing our efforts on this donation campaign in hopes to double this number. Next time you grab a snack, say yes to donating  in support of food insecurity on George Mason’s campus. 

If you are a student in need, please contact Student Support and Advocacy Center (SSAC) 


On campuses around the nation, meal swipes are a secondary currency. As an inclusive effort to address food insecurity on campus, Mason Dining donates 1,000 meal swipes every academic year to students in need. In the event meal swipes run out, Mason Dining is committed to ensure students do not go hungry. These swipes can be used at Southside, Ike’s, and The Globe as an all-you-can-eat meal. 

If you are a student in need, please contact Student Support and Advocacy Center (SSAC) 

Meal Swipe Donations

President Washington called Mason Patriots to action with the #PatriotPantryChallenge!  

To support his mission to stock the Patriot Pantry, Mason Dining donated 300 lbs. of non-perishable foods. An additional donation of $1,000 was made to support the longevity of their invaluable presence on campus. With various forms of donations accepted, we tabled for Intentional Act of Kindness Day, where we amplified their Amazon Wishlist, monetary donations through SSAC, as well as non-perishable  and sanitation items. 

If you are a student in need, please contact Student Support and Advocacy Center (SSAC)