Dietary Religious Offerings

Mason Dining prioritizes inclusivity by offering diverse, transparently labeled menus for various religious diets. Through community engagement and resources, we strive to create a welcoming dining experience that celebrates diversity.

Resident Dining

Ike's: Serving Halal Meats*, iftar & suhoor

    Suhoor meals will be available at the grill station. Halal meats at Ike's will be at the Simple Servings Station.

Southside: Serving halal meats & iftar

    Halal meats at Southside will be at the Simple Servings Station.

The Globe: Serving halal chicken & iftar

Retail Dining

The Difference Baker is serving halal chicken tenders.

Akeno is serving halal chicken.

The Halal Guys is serving halal meats.

Resources from Muslim Students' Association:

Returning to Allah (Wednesdays, 5:30PM-9:00PM)

March 13 at JC George's

March 20 at JC George's

March 27 at JC George's

April 3 at Hub Ballroom Back

Parables from the Quran (Thursdays, 5:30PM-8:00PM)

March 14 at JC Room A

March 21 at JC Room A

March 28 at JC Room A

April 4 at JC Room A

For more updates and information, follow @gmuMSA.


Ike's & Southside will both be serving All-You-Care-to-Eat brunch while supplies last.


Holy Thursday: 7:30PM at the Chapel

Good Friday: 7:30PM at the Chapel

Easter Vigil: 8PM at the Chapel

Easter Mass: 9AM at the Chapel

Easter Mass: 11AM at the Chapel


For lunch, Ike's, Southside, & The Globe will be serving fish every Friday.

For more information, visit

Resident Dining

Ike's: Serving matzah

Southside: Serving matzah
The Globe: Serving matzah
The Spot: Serving matzah


Mason Hillel's Seder: April 22, at 6:00PM

    In JC George's, please text "SEDER" to 571-200-0848 to RSVP

Chabad at GMU's Seder: April 22/23, at 7:30PM

    In Chabad, please RSVP at

Kosher Passover Lunch: April 23-26, from 11AM to 2PM

    In Horizon Hall, Ampitheatre

Kosher Passover Lunch: April 29-30, from 11AM to 2PM

    In Horizon Hall, Ampitheatre

For more updates, follow @hillelatmason or @chabad.gmu