Yes. A minimum of $100 is required per plan (including Independence and Patriot Plans). Liberty Plans have fixed amounts assigned to them. However, additional Bonus Funds are not required if a second Patriot Plan is purchased within the same semester.

Note: The average student selects $350 of Bonus Funds.

Bonus Funds may be added in one of four increments: $100, $200, $350, or $500 at any point during the year. To add Bonus Funds, click on meal plan management on the left side of the screen. If you have further questions, please email

Bonus Funds are tax-exempt (6% savings) at most dining venues and come with certain meal plans (Independence, Liberty and Patriot). You can use them in all dining venues, pay for Starship Deliveries and Grub Hub. Your funds will roll over from fall to spring semesters.

Mason Money is separate from your meal plan, and you can use it at a variety of places such as dining, book store, print shop, parking services. Mason Money is taxable.

Remember: Bonus Funds offer Dollar-For-Dollar Tax-Exempt (6% savings) at all dining venues on all campuses; Mason Money is not tax-exempt.
Freshmen and sophomores living on campus without a full kitchen are required to have an Independence Meal Plan. Junior and Seniors living on campus without a full kitchen are required to have either an Independence Meal Plan or Liberty Plan.

On campus students who live in apartment-style-halls (Rogers, Townhouses, Northern Neck, Liberty Square, Potomac Heights) are not required to have a meal plan. However, we have a few options for you such as an Independence Meal Plan, Liberty Plans, Freedom Plans or Freedom Plans.

Off Campus students are not required to have a meal plan. Yet, we have a few options for you such as an Independence Meal Plan, Liberty Plans, Freedom Plans or Freedom Plans. The most popular dining plans for off campus students are Patriot Plans and Freedom Plans.
Liberty Square | Northern Neck | Potomac Heights | Rogers | Townhouses
Yes, graduate students living in areas without full kitchens are required to select one of the Liberty or Independence Plans.
The university feels that the Independence Plans are instrumental in acclimating freshmen and sophomores to campus life. Not only will it enhance community living, but it will also ensure healthy dining choices are available at every meal.

Starship delivery robots are our little helpers that deliver food and snack to you and your friends on campus. They are contactless, low cost, fast and friendly.

You can use Bonus and Freedom Funds, Mason Money as well as credit/debit card to pay small delivery fee. Experience the future today:

GrubHub is an app that helps you to order ahead. Simply download the Grubnub App from the App Store to begin ordering today. Once your meal plan is loaded onto your student account, you will have the option to select Bonus, Freedom, or Mason Money as your form of payment

Each dining hall has Simple Servings station. All foods served at this station are prepared exclusively with ingredients that do not contain the following food allergens: Milk, Eggs, Wheat, Soy, Tree Nuts, Shellfish, Gluten, Peanuts. All staff working at that station are AllerTrain certified.

If you have allergy or dietary concern, we encourage you to set up a FREE appointment with our Registered Dietitian Brooke Tresch (

The Mason Dining Registered Dietitian is a free resource for all students. Students may meet with the dietitian to help navigate the dining venues on campus based on specific dietary needs.

Absolutely! Southside Dining Hall has halal options. And don’t forget to check out Halal Guys at the JC!

On your first day, please fill out the Day of Admission Form. For all subsequent days, please fill out the Meal Order Form

For more information please visit our Meal Ordering Guide.