Important Dates

Spring 2023 Meal Plan Important Dates 


Please Note: The following dates may be subject to change. 


Monday, January 30th, 2023,is the last day to drop or downgrade meal plans. 


Independence, Liberty's, SMSC, Patriot Plans, Patriot Rollover Plans 

Access beginsFriday, January 20th 

Spring Break:  Access Ends: Friday, March 10th, End of Business 

                                   Access Resumes: Sunday, March 19th 

End of Semester Access ends Wednesday, May 17th 


Independence Ultimate Meal Plan 

           Sunday, January 1st – Meal plan swipe access 

                                                        Active during Spring Break at the Globe 

Wednesday, May 17th Access ends 


Independence Extended Meal Plan 

Friday, January 20th – Meal plan swipe access 

                                                        Active duringSpring Breakat the Globe 

Wednesday, May 17th – Access ends 


Bonus & Freedom  

Access begins Sunday, January 15th 

Access ends Saturday, May 20th 


RolloverBonus &Freedom (from Fall) 

Access begins Sunday, January 1st   

Access ends Saturday, May 20th