Important Dates

Fall 2023 Meal Plan Important Dates


Please Note: The following dates may be subject to change. 


Tuesday, September 5th, 2023,is the last day to drop or downgrade meal plans. 


Independence, Liberty's, SMSC, Patriot Plans, Patriot Rollover Plans 

Access beginsFriday, August 16th 

Thanksgiving Break:  Access Ends: Tuesday, November 21st, End of Business 

                                   Access Resumes: Sunday, November 26th 

Access ends –Wednesday, December 13th 


Independence Ultimate Meal Plan 

           Wednesday, August 16th – Meal plan swipe access begins

                                                        Active during Thanksgiving Break at the Globe 

Sunday, December 31st – Access ends 


Independence Extended Meal Plan 

Wednesday, August 16th – Meal plan swipe access 

                                                        Active duringThanksgiving Breakat the Globe 

Wednesday, December 13th – Access ends 


Bonus & Freedom  &FreedomRollover

Access begins Sunday, August 13th 

Access ends Sunday, December 31st


Spring 2024 Meal Plan Important Dates

 Please Note: The following dates may be subject to change.

INTO Independence, Independence Ultimate, Byte, Freedom Rollover, BonusRollover Meal Plans 

            Access beginsMonday, January1st

Bonus and Freedom Funds

            Access begins Sunday, January 7th 


Independence,Independence Extended, Liberty Plans, Patriot Plans, Patriot RolloverMeal Plans 

           Access begins Friday, January 12th

SMSC Meal Swipes begins at 5:30pm 

            Access beginsSunday, January14th

 Last day to lower or drop a meal plan

           Tuesday, January 16th

 Spring Break 

Access stops on Friday, March1st at the end of business day

  • Independence, Liberty Plans, Patriot Plans, and Patriot Rollover meals, SMSC

Access resumes on Sunday, March10th

Access remains active in the Globe for INTO Independence, Independence Extended, Independence Ultimate, Byte Plans


Wednesday, May 8th

           All meal plan swipe access stops at end of business day

Saturday, May 11th

Access ends at end of business for Bonus, Bonus Rollover, Freedom, Freedom Rollover